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The Shores Residents Association is your peers and neighbors getting together to build and maintain strong communication between tenants, Management and the City of Santa Monica. By sharing and participating in this group, that communication can ultimately translate into action, and improvement. It is the desire of this board to also use TSRA as a way to create a greater sense of community, safety and enjoyment for all.  Let's have some fun, summer is just around the corner!

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Please join, or renew your dues for TSRA. We can’t wait to get back to our magical meetings and famous parties. In the meantime, your small donation of at least $20 / year will keep TSRA afloat by going towards graphics and printing, and to help fill the coffers for our future meetings and parties. When you join TSRA, you‘ll get our newsletters AND your own 2022 TSRA 10% Discount CARD, good at all participating Main Street merchants! 

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Your TSRA Membership cards can also be use to get discounts and/or free appetizers from these participating merchants around The Shores Residence.

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