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Jose Ramos started working at The Shores 26 years ago as a Painter, and for the past 4 years he has enjoyed working in Maintenance. And since he was so young when he started working here, Hose regards many people at The Shores as family. Monday through Friday from 9 to 5 Jose works hard, is always polite and offers a smile to everyone. The Shores Residents Association is proud to honor Jose with our EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION AWARD. We appreciate your outstanding service.
Jose Ramos
Nelson Rivera takes pride in his work. Between his technical skills, conscientious work ethic and positive attitude, we are grateful for all he has done. 
Nelson was first employed at The Shores 17 years ago as a Day Porter working hard to keep the buildings and grounds clean.  A year later, he was given the opportunity to become a Maintenance Technician, and since he always liked fixing things, the promotion suited him well. Throughout the years, it is obvious Nelson continues to love his job, and if asked, he will tell you it feels more like a hobby than work. However, what he loves most about The Shores are the people in our eclectic community which offers him a variety of cultures and viewpoints from around the world. 
In appreciation for his outstanding service, we are proud to honor Nelson with our first Employee Recognition Award.
Nelson Rivera
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